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Our Top Tips on how to wear your shapewear

We want you to get the most out of your Maidenform shapewear, that's why we have put together a 'How to wear' page so you can make the best decision for you...

Our shapewear fits true to size so there is no need to size up or down. If you are in-between sizes then we always recommend that you go for the bigger size, it will still hold you in and create that smooth silhouette! Opting for shapewear that is too small will result in it riding up or down, as well as being uncomfortable - we definitely don't want that!

If your selected style has been designed with silicone grips, then we suggest you avoid using any body oils or lotions on the areas it covers to ensure it performs as it is supposed to.

When putting your shapewear on always step into it first, even with shaping tops and camisoles. Putting anything over your head can be tricky and we want to make the transition as easy for you as possible.

There is no need to wear underwear underneath our shapewear. All our products have a cotton gusset that is designed to be worn as your underwear, even most of our slip styles have a hidden knicker inside.

Should you experience any static between your shapewear and cloths then we recommend rubbing a tumble dryer sheet on the shapewear or try a light spritz of hairspray to eliminate any static electricity.