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A comfortable underwear

You don't want to know you're wearing a bra.
Some days you would rather not actually wear one.
You don't want your day to be distracted by an irritating underwear. 
Our gel bra delivers that peace of mind that when you put it on in the morning it's going to see you to unrobing time in the evening without uncomfortable episodes.
You may be self-conscious of its visibility, like many undergarments - a psychological distraction - but our gel bra will instantly erase that from your mind with its natural look and smooth lines
And even if you're not fussed who sees it - a partner, let's say - you will feel totally at ease and sexy and not constricted by its primary purpose: it looks and feels great.

A really design push-up

The gel push-up, made from micro fibre, with a strapless version, a balconette version, and lots of colour range are an iconic design of our brand.
The secret to them is the natural gel added to the cups
As well as looking sexy and sassy our gel bra possesses the attention to details of consumer needs which gives it that particular quality in the design.
The result is an optimum comfort, and the technology is impressive - coming a long way since the early years of bras - and gives volume that can add up to one cup size and enhance your breasts to give them a boost. 
The straps are subtle and don't constantly fall off the shoulder; plus their position on the neckline will have them out of view under let's say a blouse collar or high back cocktail-dress.
It has a central front fastener; making it convenient, quick and uncomplicated to take off. 
On top of everything, they have all become the emblem of bold femininity.
With good design comes a good result. With excellent design comes perfection.