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When envisioning lingerie for the modern woman, what features come to mind?

Some common answers include notions such as soft, sexy, an attention to details and a flexible collection designed around personal needs. These very same concepts have been incorporated into the selection of underwear offered by Wonderbra. In fact, this invisible thong is as comfortable as it is functional. It is available in a number of unique colors; perfectly capable of suiting even the most discrete tastes. The size can likewise vary to accommodate one-of-a-kind body types. These knickers are perfect for the woman who has been searching for a subtle style that is defined by the levels of quality that are only achievable when shopping through Wonderbra.

Once the size is selected, a colour can be chosen (although traditional white is certainly a possibility).

Thanks to an unsurpassed medley of tones, it is easy to match these thongs with any other item offered through Wonderbra. These briefs are also breathable due to the cotton microfibre fabrics employed within their design. So, even warmer times of the year will not be associated with chafing or discomfort. Whether used during a normal day at the office or a night out on the town with a significant other, this product aims to please. The sexy and yet understated appeal of this lingerie has attracted women of all ages, sizes and skin colours. Our collection always emphasises the smaller details although naturally, the durable nature of these undergarments has allowed Wonderbra to become one of the most respected leaders in the industry. Please feel free to take a closer look at this amazing selection of quality thongs.