Wonderbra offers bras that are suitable for all of your outfits, even the most unique ones! Bustiers, multi-position, +1 or 2 cup sizes... Wonderbra offers you incredible bra technology and style, especially designed to enhance your curves every day: discover them for yourself!

Since its launch in 2009, the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless® bra (previously known as Perfect Strapless®) has become THE benchmark in its category for all women, from cup sizes A to I.
The Ultimate Strapless® bra is ideal for any outfit where you want to bare your shoulders, especially strapless garments. A ground-breaking innovation, this patented bandeau bra is a true must-have piece for your lingerie drawer.

Ultimate Strapless®

The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless® bra is truly revolutionary: It really stays in place! Women can put their complete trust in it. No more do you have to repeatedly and discreetly pull up your bra as it constantly threatens to fall down.
To ensure your complete comfort and support, Wonderbra has also patented two additional technologies:

• A unique polycarbonate hand-shaped system that is integrated into the cups to perfectly support your bust, at the same time as enhancing it with the famous Wonderbra effect.
• Silicone bead technology that keeps the bra in place, throughout the day and night. It also ensures your skin can breathe, at the same time as preventing any irritation. (Clinical test)

With this unique bra, now you are free to move, dance and even jump about in complete confidence! Finally, a strapless bra that won't let you down!

This extraordinary bra enables you to gain up to two additional cup sizes* and ensures your cleavage looks incredible!

*Two additional cup sizes is a general indication based on data gathered during a 2010 study in the United Kingdom, in which 123 women were surveyed (only cup sizes A and B). 60% of them said they felt the bra increased the volume of their bust by two cup sizes.