Cleavage and + 2 cup sizes

Discover all our Cleavage Bras with two extra cup sizes


Streamlined confidence with the cleavage enhancing bra!

A soft and extra comfortable hand-shaped padding system enables a natural effect and visibly boosts your décolletage!
A great solution to make your outfit extra feminine! 
The cleavage-enhancing line was made specifically for you, with soft and delicate padding to ensure maximum comfort.
The Wonderbra brings a clear increase of up to two extra cup sizes to show off your femininity.
Wonderbra provides a beautiful, bigger enhancement with all articles of clothing, in a wide range of styles!

Enhanced to perfection! Better comfort!

The keenly moulded fabric of the cleavage enhancing bra - catering to a wide range of styles and figures - allows for flawless breast support.
The special lightweight underwire not only enhances cleavage but nurtures your innate womanly confidence along with the growing cup size.
All of this comes without needing to compromise on comfort
Our balconette style has added versatility and femininity for every occasion, and will let you flaunt your style in any outfit.
The straps can be as discreet as they need to be, worn normally or crossed over at the back for a sultry twist that reveals your true passion!
They will never, ever obstruct the stunning neckline on your favourite dresses. 
Be the woman you want to be with these figure-emphasising bras.
With Wonderbra, any and every girl can show off her keen fashion sense and her perfect wardrobe, complete with Wonderbra's and flawless enhancement. 
Regardless of fabric or colour, whether it's casual or formal wear, there is a Wonderbra to suit your needs and flaunt those vivacious curves!