2017 Spring Summer
Wonderbra Collection

The Spring Summer 2017 collection makes its
appearance on the Côte d’Azur for a fresh
approach to Art Deco...

It offers the vision of an even more modern and free-spirited woman. Her lingerie, bewitching and audacious, is embellished by motifs of feline and floral inspiration. A delightful fusion of transparency and trompe-l'oeil, of satin and delicate lace, exalts the entire collection.

Summer promises a season bursting with colour...

From exuberantly brilliant to deliciously delicate, the chromatic intensity of pink harmonises flawlessly with the softness of pastel hues. A profusion of vibrant nuances which herald a collection of dazzling luminosity. More than an allusion….an unambiguous sensuality.

Collection Luxe

French Riviera

Glamorous wild spirit

Summer augurs a feast for the senses... feline intuition
interpreted in an extravaganza of flowers offers creations
that are magnetic and sensual in a subtly insolent alliance that incarnates resolute modernity.

Refined Glamour

Refined Glamour

Intensely refined

Divine elegance encompasses your figure with
delicate layers and lace arabesques. The sensual tones
mark a joyous season ahead, while sparkling pink
promises such a feminine summer look. Incredible and
original pieces to complete any glamorous wardrobe.

Tribal Chic

Luxe Collection

Pure couture

The hallmark of elegance? Couture lingerie adorned with
embroidery, like precious pieces of Art Deco jewellery. The ultra-refined detailing and exquisite combination of lace and satin completes a collection of exclusive pieces, including bras with delicate embroidery and glamor back, and a coquettish suspender belt.

Minimal Chic

Minimal Chic

Absolute Chic

The filigree of fishnet lace brings femininity to the
fore of the collection. Associated with the geometric
lines of the cut, it structures the silhouette in a subtly
sexy style
 designed for the resolutely modern

Ultimate Silhouette Dentelle

Silhouette Plain

Daily sexy

A daily glamour lingerie ? The Ultimate Silhouette
Plain line combines comfort and invisibility and
offers 5 bras and 3 bottoms shapes to fit every
outfits of your wardrobe!